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Some presenting problems really suit a group therapy environment where you can share experience and get support from people who understand what you are going through. I believe Anxiety related issues, Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks and Generalised Anxiety  are one of these areas.

Even though everyone’s personal experience is unique there are common themes, symptoms, thoughts and behaviours that are familiar to everyone in the group. Each session, focuses on a key area, with the aim of understanding the psychology behind anxiety and then techniques are taught to overcome it.

So many people have told me how much they value this forum, because it does not exist elsewhere. NHS provision is sadly lacking in the treatment options for people suffering with anxiety. Long waiting lists, and the prescription pad are most GPs only offering for people who’s lives are not just limited but sometimes devastated by anxiety related problems.

This programme offers sound therapeutic intervention, tried and tested techniques that help to re-programme the mind, and a safe non-judgemental environment where people can express their feelings, fears and experiences.

Likewise, with Weight Management, the sharing of experience has it’s own therapeutic benefits. The opportunity to discuss barriers and successes, to evaluate progress and share ideas is very helpful for group members. Understanding your relationship with food, and how changing your attitude to it, really can influence your weight loss. Learning techniques to combat self sabotage and improve unhelpful eating habits,  facilitates the change needed to achieve long term success.

The programmes involve participation and contribution, as well as homework tasks and when members fully commit to the programmes they tend to get the best results.

I also have the opportunity to offer therapy at a more affordable rate. Often members take advantage of personal sessions once the programme has finished, where the interventions can be tailored to their specific needs.

So is Group Therapy as good as personal therapy?

I think Group therapy offers a lot of advantages over one to one therapy, but it is not suited to everyone. Plus there are many presenting issues that would not suit the group setting but for those that do, I hope to offer the best of both worlds!


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