Assert Yourself!

What’s New?
Do You Say “Yes”….. When You Want to Say “No”?
Coming soon! – Assertiveness Workshop.
Saturday 18th April – £45.00
This is a 4-hour interactive workshop to address the common themes associated with lack of assertiveness. With some valuable exercises, techniques and strategies to help you manage challenging situations, set clear boundaries, and develop the art of saying “No!”
If you find yourself feeling compromised in a challenging work or personal relationship, then gaining new tools to respond differently will make that relationship more manageable.
I see so many clients, who put everyone else’s needs before their own, leaving them feeling unappreciated, emotionally exhausted and unfulfilled.  Being able to say “No” can be incredibly liberating and empowering!
So if you believe you would benefit from learning strategies to increase your confidence  in dealing with others  then please register your interest on the events page.
I will post local venue details soon with exact timings.

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