Welcome to MINDoverConfidence – it is really important to me that you have found your way to my website and that you are seeking a different approach to help you overcome your fear, anxiety or phobia.


worried look Anxiety is a state that most of us experience at some level or another. It is natural to be anxious about, exams, tests, meeting new people and doing things for the first time. But if anxiety overwhelms us and becomes difficult to overcome then problems arise. Anxiety and stress affects, performance, mood and confidence. This in turn can affect our relationships, prospects, self esteem and our health. By learning how to control anxiety, and manage stress you can alleviate both the physical and emotional hold that it has on your life. Breathing , NLP techniques, relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapy to alter negative thinking patterns can drastically improve your confidence and self esteem.

Fear Of Flying


Fear is an essential response when we are faced with danger. It enables physiological processes to occur that prepare us to fight or run. Fear becomes a problem when the perceived danger is in fact harmless, and yet the physiological reponse is triggered. With the release of adrenalin, physical symptoms occur, like sweating, fast heart rate and trembling that make us feel terrible. Fear can manifest as a Phobia, as the recurrence and severity grow.


A phobia is an intense, irrational fear of something relatively harmless. There are hundreds of phobias and often people adjust their life to accommodate their phobia. Fear of flying, fear of open spaces, fear of dogs, fear of enclosed spaces, the list is endless. But with tried and tested NLP techniques, hypnosis and CBT these can be eradicated for good.

If you decide to do something about your phobia....

Group TherapyYou will attend a 90 minute group therapy session one evening a week for 5 weeks. This group will be made up of people with different lifestyles, backgrounds and issues, but the one common theme is that you will all share a desire to change your response to whatever it is that creates anxiety, fear or a phobic response.…for good.

I believe a group setting is beneficial for a number of reasons, including; keeping the cost down, the opportunity to motivate each other, confidence and self-esteem building, and not least the opportunity to make new friends. The sessions are structured so that you progress through the programme addressing all aspects of fear, anxiety or phobia. I use Cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and NLP techniques to motivate, build confidence, and to teach you life skills that will help you maintain better control for lasting change.

My aim is to offer you a safe, comfortable, non-judgemental, supportive environment in which you can share your experience if you wish to. Under no circumstances is there any pressure on you to share if you do not want to. Everyone has a duty to respect confidentiality and support each other, and this is encouraged from the outset.

How much does it cost?

Just £15 per session…That's £75.00 for the whole programme! Any group member who wishes to pursue 1:1 therapy on completion of the course would qualify for a preferential rate.