Welcome to MINDoverWEIGHT — it is really important to me that you have found your way to my website and that you are seeking a different approach to help you manage your weight.

It may be that you have tried other means, diets, exercise programmes, slimming clubs all of which are incredibly helpful for some but often don't achieve the permanent change that you are looking for. You are not alone… The reasons for this are varied, diets make us feel deprived as we embark on an unnatural way of eating until we achieve our desired weight and then once that goal has been achieved, or a crisis occurs, or the sheer hardship of the diet causes us to give up, the old familiar eating patterns begin to reappear. According to current statistics, 85% of dieters are unsuccessful at maintaining their weight loss over 3 years.

So how is a MINDoverWEIGHT programme different?

MINDoverWEIGHT is an 8 week programme that will enable you to understand the psychology behind managing your weight. This programme seeks to acknowledge your eating habits and understand the reasons for them. The basis of the programme is to help you create a healthier relationship with food as well as a motivated attitude towards exercise.

scales Group hypnotherapy You will attend a 90 minute group therapy session one evening a week for 8 weeks. This group will be made up of people with different lifestyles, backgrounds or issues, but the one common theme is that you will all share a desire to change your relationship with food and your eating habits…for good.
This programme is open to anyone over the age of 16. If you wish to bring a friend or relation, this can be a great source of motivation for you. We believe a group setting is beneficial for a number of reasons, including; keeping the cost down, the opportunity to motivate each other, confidence and self-esteem building, and not least the opportunity to make new friends.

The sessions are structured so that you progress through the programme addressing all aspects of weight management. I use Cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and NLP techniques to motivate, build confidence, and to teach you life skills that will help you maintain better control for lasting change. My aim is to offer you a safe, comfortable, non-judgemental, supportive environment in which you can share your experience if you wish to. Under no circumstances is there any pressure on you to share if you do not want to. Everyone has a duty to respect confidentiality and support each other, and this is encouraged from the outset.

All sessions will include a hypnotic intervention that will involve group hypnosis, a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. For more information please go to the 'Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP' page.

You will receive a Client Workbook with take-home assignments that will help keep you on track between sessions. I encourage you to read the workbook and complete the assignments as you progress through the programme.

Motivation to Exercise is also a key component of the programme and this is undertaken in session 5 with the support of a fitness instructor. Again the focus is very motivational with realistic expectations. With a better informed approach to exercise, and manageable expectations you can gain the motivation, determination and discipline to achieve your exercise goals.

And how much does it cost?

Just £15 per session…That's just £120.00 for the whole programme!
Any group member who wishes to pursue 1:1 therapy on completion of the course would qualify for a preferential rate.